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Delicious Canned Sardine in Brine

Delicious Canned Sardine in Brine

Sardines have the advantages of fast growth, high fecundity and tender meat, high in fat. There are many convenient foods, such as lamb, fish ball, fish roll and fish sausage. It can also refine fish oil, leather, soap and metal smelting. Fish flour can also be made as bait. Sardines contain a 20 - carbon pentaenoic acid that prevents cardiovascular disease. It also contains a variety of nutrients such as nucleic acids, taurine and selenium. It has a very high medicinal value and is a treasure in medicine. Can prevent thrombosis, have special effects on treating heart disease. 

                        Fresh Canned Sardine Fish

Sardines have the advantages of fast growth, high fecundity and tender meat, high in fat. Steamed, braised, Fried and pickled dry steamed food taste delicious. According to related information, sardines contain a kind of long chain fatty acid with five double bonds, which can prevent thrombosis and have special effects on treating heart disease. However, due to the small size of the fish, high output value and low production value, the fresh processing is difficult, and more fish meal ingredients. There are many convenient foods, such as lamb, fish ball, fish roll and fish sausage. Aichi cancer center research and development of a set of the method of using red blood cell membrane fat test, found that high sardines, mackerel and other foods rich in unsaturated fatty acid, can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Pregnant women should eat more fish during pregnancy, such as sardines, because sardines are rich in phospholipids. The phospholipids in sardines are also beneficial to the development of the fetus's brain. In addition to phospholipids, sardines also contain large amounts of calcium, especially in fish bones. Canned sardines are loose and safe to eat. Our bodies need enough minerals and sardines are suitable for people of different ages because of their rich calcium content, and they can be absorbed by boiled sardines. Canned sardines are used in a variety of ways to make sandwiches and table foods.


Taizhou XingWang Aquatic Product Co., LTD was established in April 2000 which approved by industry and commerce. It`s a comprehensive enterprise of offshore fishing of aquatic products, frozen aquatic products processing.research and development and agricultural products cold-chain logistics.

Canned Sardines Production Lines

We own 7 distant fishing vessels, 14 sea-frozen processing vessels, the annual processing of various types of aquatic products amounted to 100,000 tons. The company main engaged in sea frozen mackerel, sea frozen tuna, sea frozen bonito, also focus on the canned fish, fish loin and octopus etc.

 Frozen and Canned Sardines

[Detail decides quality,  Sincerity makes prosperity". Our company has always attached great importance to product quality and food safety. We now have passed HACCP.BIC.OU.HALAL and other food safety management system certification, and we also have got some export registration of USA, EU, Russia,  Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam etc. The volume of foreign exchange earned by export is about 30 million USD, the amount of total export volume are more than 30000 tons. As a result of our excellent product quality, they are very popular all over the world.

We will always strive to create more delicious, natural and safer marine health food.
China Delicious Canned Sardine in Brine with High-Quality, Leading Delicious Canned Sardine in Brine Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Delicious Canned Sardine in Brine Factory & Exporters.


Taizhou, Zhejiang
Contact Person: Chenjunhui
Tel: 86-0576-88456674$$$86-010-65125416
Fax: 86-0576-88456657
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